British reconnaissance drone CAUGHT SPYING on Russian border for the second time in 2 days

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MOSCOW – The British reconnaissance operation has occured less than 24 hours after a similar surveillance mission was carried out near the Russian border in the Black Sea.

A UK surveillance drone was seen flying along the Russian Black Sea coast just a day after a similar aircraft was spotted nearby, according to Plane Radar.

“Aircraft electronic intelligence, Air Force of the United Kingdom, aircraft number ZJ692, Bombardier Global Express Sentinel R.1, call sign # RRR7309, performs a reconnaissance flight along the Black Sea coast of Russia,” the tweet said.

The portal reported that a Bombardier Global Express Sentinel R1 flew about 66 kilometers off the coast before returning to its air base.

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Less than a day before, a drone of the same model was spotted flying about 62 kilometers off the Crimean coast. Such flights have become a common occurrence since the downward spiral in relations between the West and Russia, which began in 2014 after the reunification of the Crimea with Russia.

One such example includes in March when an RQ-4B strategic drone of the US Air Force conducted a reconnaissance flight on Russia’s western borders, reports PlaneRadar monitoring portal.

According to the portal , the aircraft with the tail number 10-2043 departed from the Sigonella air base in Italy on Sunday morning. It then flew for about five and a half hours along the borders of the Russian region of Kaliningrad, continuing into Lithuanian airspace.

Accumulation of military forces

Last year, 3,000 foreign warplanes, including about 1,000 spy planes, were seen flying near Russia’s land and sea borders. Moscow has repeatedly condemned the buildup of foreign military forces near the country’s borders, warning that aggressive movements could escalate into a real military confrontation.

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