British reconnaissance plane CAUGHT spying on Russia

A Sentinel R1 surveillance aircraft of 5 Squadron RAF, at an airfield in the Middle East. The Sentinel R1 provides a long-range, battlefield-intelligence, target-imaging and tracking radar for the RAF and the Army and conducts surveillance applications in peacetime, wartime and in crisis operations.
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NOVOROSSIYSK – A Royal Air Force (RAF) aircraft made a reconnaissance flight near the Russian Black Sea coast, reports PlaneRadar monitoring portal.

According to the portal, the electronic reconnaissance aircraft Bombardier Global Express Sentinel R.1, with the number of board ZJ694 and the RRR7308, overshot an area near the Russian city of Novorossiysk, at a distance of 61.3 kilometers from the coast, at 6:25 am, Moscow time.

“At 05.20 a.m., a Bombardier Global Express Sentinel R.1 radio-electronic reconnaissance aircraft of the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom, with board number ZJ694 and RRR7308, is conducting a reconnaissance flight along the Russian coast of Black Sea,” the tweet said.

At 0.750 p.m., the plane flew over the Black Sea coast, approached the area near Sevastopol at a distance of about 100 kilometers and returned to its air base.

Constant presence near Russian borders

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Aircraft and unmanned reconnaissance vehicles, particularly from the USA, have been a constant presence near Russian borders.

The aircraft have been spotted making reconnaissance flights not only in the Black Sea and Crimean peninsula, but also in the Kaliningrad (Baltic) region, and near the Russian military base in Syria.

Despite appeals from the Russian Defense Ministry, the Pentagon refuses to end its operations near Russian borders.

In one example only days ago, a US Air Force RQ-4A Global Hawk unmanned strategic vehicle carried out a reconnaissance mission near the western border of Russia.

According to Plane Radar monitoring portal, the U.S. drone took off from the Italian airbase of Sigonella, and was detected on Tuesday night around 6:50 pm Moscow time.

The strategic plane, number 04-2021, was noted between the Russian region of Kaliningrad and neighboring country Belarus.

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