Can the dominating supremacy of the Russian S-500 systems be overcome?

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MOSCOW – Jul 3, 2019 – Recent news on the production of the Russian S-500 air defense systems has raised a controversial wave of comments and even some fear of other countries.

Russian military specialist Vladislav Shurygin revealed how long it would take for other countries to develop similar weapons.

The S-500 is a ground-to-air missile system with a range of up to 600km that can destroy a wide range of ballistic targets. By belonging to a new generation, this system without analogues in the world has its characteristics kept in absolute secrecy. However, some of its capabilities have become public.

Russian military conquest

“Americans are carefully studying the open parameters of our armaments,” explains Shurygin, adding that “in two or three years, they [Americans] will be able to create models that come close to these parameters.”

The expert highlighted the achievements of the Russian military industry, especially in the field of planning, which determines what kind of weaponry the country needs.

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“After the operation in Syria, there is no doubt about the quality of our weapons. We are on the front line and the US is objectively assessing this,” he said.

The new S-500 system has features far superior to those of the Russian S-400 and the American Patriot PAC-3. Currently, the S-400 Triumph is one of the most advanced and marketable weapons in Russia, with a significant number of countries interested in buying it.

Last week, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov informed reporters at the 2019 military forum on plans to bring S-500 state-of-the-art air defense and anti-missile systems into service .

“Successful preliminary tests have enabled the Russian Defense Ministry to make a decision to reduce the timing of the air defense system to the troops. As a result, air defense regiments will begin to receive the S-500 complexes in the next few years,” he said.

“We are currently conducting step-by-step testing of the different elements of S-500 air defense systems, including the launch of new missiles, which have no analogues in the world,” said the deputy prime minister.

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