CAUGHT RED HANDED: Venezuela intercepts US spy plane in its airspace (VIDEO)


CARACAS – The Venezuelan Aerospace Defense Command (CODAI) warned that an American aircraft was intercepted in Venezuelan airspace.

According to the information presented on the website of the Venezuelan government, this is an EP-3E ARIES II radio-electronic intelligence and exploration aircraft that has entered Venezuelan airspace.

“CODAI Aerospace Defense System detected and intercepted US aircraft. EP-3E of intelligence and electronic radio exploration in our Maiquetia flight information region, violating International Air Treaties in clear provocation to the RBV,” Commander Remigio Ceballos said in a Tweet.

According to Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López, the US aircraft entered Venezuelan airspace “without an aeronautical frequency report … constituting an aircraft risk for other aircraft.”

In addition, during a televised ceremony the minister explained that “things like this happen almost every day” in the Venezuelan seas and skies.

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Venezuelan officials have not ruled out attempts to invade the country under the pretext of humanitarian aid, the secretary general of the Venezuelan Defense Council, General Pasqualino Angiolillo Fernández told reporters back in April.

According to Fernández, the media continues to be manipulated very strongly by international media that the situation in Venezuela is extremely difficult.

“Through the media there is a very strong manipulation of international opinion that everything is very bad in the country [Venezuela], that the threats are continuous and that the people are in horrible conditions. This gives them a chance to say that under the banner of humanitarian aid they can carry out a military invasion,” said Fernandez in April.

“And we do not rule out that we can expect military invasion for any reason,” he added. It is worth noting that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently stated that all options to achieve what he described as “restoring democracy” in Venezuela remain at the table, including military intervention.

The crisis in Venezuela worsened in January, when Juan Guaidó was elected president of the National Assembly controlled by the opposition. He received the support of the United States and many Western countries, by declaring himself acting president of the Bolivarian nation. Russia, China, Cuba, Turkey and several other countries reaffirmed support for Nicolás Maduro as the sole legitimate president of Venezuela and asked for no interference in the internal affairs of the country.

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