Chairman of the Bundestag Economic Committee: Sanctions against Russia have no effect and actually harm Europe


BERLIN – The chairman of the Bundestag Economic Committee Klaus Ernst said in comments today that Germany gains nothing from anti-Russian sanctions, and that they only cause significant damage to German companies and at the same time do not affect the policy of Moscow.

This opinion was expressed on the air of the radio station Deutschlandfunk . 

“There is no effect from these sanctions. They have been operating for 5 years, but we don’t see any changes in Russian politics. If a medicine is prescribed that does not achieve the desired result, but, on the contrary, harms the patient, in our case German companies, then it is worth thinking that the medicine was chosen incorrectly,” the deputy stated.

He also noted that it is necessary to preserve such forums as the Petersburg Dialogue, since they bring Russia and Germany closer together.

“If we continue to exert sanction pressure and not talk to each other, this will inevitably lead to new hotbeds of tension, and this is the wrong way,” said the parliamentarian.

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Such a policy supports tensions between countries, Ernst believes. He noted that sanctions are harmful to European companies, especially East German ones, and also lead to the fact that Russia is more focused on trade in trade.

The politician expressed regret over the statement of the future head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Lyayen , who promised to adhere to sanctions against Russia .

“Such a policy can only weaken Europe,” the deputy concluded.

The Slovak parliament earlier initiated the adoption of a resolution on the need to lift anti-Russian sanctions.

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