China compromises with Hong Kong after protest wave, postpones extradition law

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China respects the decision of the Hong Kong administration to postpone consideration of the extradition bill. The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC, Gen Shuang , announced this today, July 9, at a briefing , commenting on a statement by the head of the administration of Hong Kong, Kerry Lam , who recognized this initiative as unviable.

“The government of the People’s Republic of China, on June 15, when the authorities of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region announced the decision to suspend consideration (of the extradition bill), expressed respect and understanding. I have nothing more to add, ”he said.

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The mass protests in Hong Kong were against a bill on extradition of persons suspected of violating Chinese law to mainland China, which began a month ago. Under public pressure, the authorities agreed to postpone consideration of this initiative indefinitely, but this did not stop the wave of protests.

The head of the Hong Kong administration, Carrie Lam, publicly acknowledged that the bill was “unviable.” At the same time, she did not clarify whether this means that the authorities will no longer return to this issue in the future. In this regard, on July 7, about 30 thousand activists came to a  demonstration in Hong Kong. The action was first held on the mainland.

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