China: U.S. military strategy aspires to absolute DOMINATION

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BEIJING – US military strategy weakens global stability and has caused a considerable increase in military spending, says the White Paper on national defense published by the State Council of China.

“The United States has corrected its national defense policy and military strategy by opting for a unilateral action policy that has provoked a tense rivalry between the major countries and increased military spending,” it said.

The international non-proliferation regime is committed to raising standards and meeting new challenges, the book highlights.

“The international non-proliferation regime is compromised by pragmatism and the double standard, and faces new challenges,” it said.

The book also highlights the growth of nontraditional threats such as cyber threats.

“Global military rivalry is intensifying. Big countries are reforming their military strategies. The US aspires to absolute military domination and Russia promotes military reforms to show a new image,” the document says.

Meanwhile, Chinese scientists have announced the creation of a new type of material that gives radar low visibility.

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Professor Luo Xiangang and his colleagues at the Chengdu Academy of Sciences Institute of Optics and Electronics created the first mathematical model that describes the behavior of electromagnetic waves in contact with a metal surface covered with microscopic patterns.

“With their new model and advances in materials manufacturing, they have developed a membrane, known as a ‘metasurface’, that can absorb radar waves in the widest spectrum ever reported,” the South China Morning Post reported.

Luo’s statements and enthusiastic comments about their implications can be a major change in the way companies develop stealth warplanes or in the balance of military power between the operators of such aircraft.

‘Metallic surface’

The development was the basis for the membrane known as the “metal surface” that absorbs radar emissions in the broader spectrum, reports the media.

The metasurface Luo is working on is an example of the type of metamaterial that has been the subject of research around the world. When it begins to appear on aircraft, it can improve invisibility qualities on a wide range of handsets in the Pacific Ocean.

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