Chinese hypersonic missiles out-perform anything in the U.S arsenal

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BEIJING – The Chinese Armed Forces have unveiled their most advanced and threatening technologies related to hypersonic weapons.

These weapons can reach their targets at an impressive speed and, unlike the more advanced ballistic missiles, they can maneuver in flight, which offers them a long range, in addition to making them difficult to track, Newsweek said.

Countries such as the US, Russia and China are making huge investments targeting hypersonic technologies, however, the Pentagon would not be able to keep up with this progress, or would be pursuing “too slow.”

In this way, the Pentagon’s top military would be warning the US government that if the country continues in this way it will be left behind by its opponents, especially with regard to hypersonic nuclear capabilities.

There is no denying that the US has a large defense-oriented budget, but its rivals are spending less using smarter methods and are increasing their forces, at least locally or regionally, threatening US hegemony.

China, one of the rivals that has the highest military potential, has greatly increased investment in defense. Beijing is fast becoming a powerful force and, despite its limitations, the Chinese have worried the Americans.

That’s because Chinese spending was geared to exploiting US weaknesses and dominating East Asia, hoping its hypersonic weapons would become a key element of its strategies.

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At present there are two types of hypersonic weapons, which are cruise missiles and gliding vehicles. Both are able to reach the speed of Mach 1 or superior, besides being able to maneuver in flight, making difficult its overturning.

The cruise missiles (HCM) can be launched by different types of vehicles such as fighter jets and ships. Both types can carry nuclear or conventional warheads. Nonetheless, the Chinese work on both types of weapons that are likely to be available soon.

U.S. Concern

It is worth noting that China already has a large arsenal of missiles, making its enemies live in a scary scenario.

Undoubtedly, hypersonic weapons will be a key element of Chinese military strategy. And once integrated, these weapons will “significantly raise” the capabilities of Chinese forces.

It is for this reason that the US military would be concerned, even with a large budget and one of the armaments, that the US is being left behind, especially in hypersonic weapons, which can be used as a battle field.

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