CONTRADICTION? US says ‘promoting peace and stability’ with arms sales to Taiwan

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According to the US government, the objective of the billionaire sale is to promote peace in the region, State Department spokesman Morgan Ortagus said on Monday.

The sale was confirmed by the US Agency for Security and Defense Cooperation and includes the transfer of 100 M1A2T Abrams tanks, as well as related equipment and 250 Stinger antiaircraft missiles.

“Our interest in Taiwan, especially as it relates to these military sales, is to promote peace and stability across the strait, across the region,” State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus told reporters.

“So there is no change of course in our longstanding one-China policy,” she said.

“I don’t see our notification here as anything other than complying with the Taiwan Relations Act,” she said, referring to the law passed by Congress in 1979 that requires the United States to ensure that the island has the means to defend itself.

On Tuesday, Beijing protested against the sale of arms to Taiwan and demanded that the US cancel the agreement through Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang.

In addition, the United States has agreed to sell Stinger anti-aircraft missiles to Taiwan worth $ 224 million, the DSCA said in a separate statement .

Previously, the announcement of the purchase of weapons by the Taipei Ministry of Defense has generated comments from the Chinese government.

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On Thursday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry expressed concern about the deal, and called for the “One China” principle to be respected . Officially, the USA has recognized the principle since 1979.

Taiwan has been governed separately since 1949, but China understands the island as part of Chinese territory.

Under the US-recognized “One China” policy, Taiwan is a Chinese territory. The island is considered a rebel province by the Chinese and maintains diplomatic relations with other countries.

Meanwhile, a nuclear submarine, supposedly from the Shang class, of the People’s Liberation Army has been sighted by the Taima Star ship that was passing through.

The passengers and the crew of the Taima Star ship said the submarine was on the surface and was moving north into the Matsu Islands, reports the Defense Blog.

A sailor aboard the Taima Star said that when he saw the Chinese vessel he thought he was mistaken, but soon he was certain of what he saw.

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