Czech military expert: Russia was to be dismembered in the ’90s


Brno, Czech Republic – Russia was to be dismembered just like Yugoslavia – in place of the largest country in the world, about ten new state entities were supposed to emerge. This opinion was expressed by Stanislav Balik, an expert at the Military Academy in the Czech city of Brno.

In an interview with the Haló noviny newspaper, retired Major Balik said that in 2000 Putin saved Russia “at the very last moment.”

“Money had already been printed for those parts of Russia that were supposed to become independent. Russia was going to dismember just like Yugoslavia. Instead of Russia, there were supposed to be about ten new states, so as to finally colonize and plunder what was left of the USSR. It was to suffer the fate of modern Ukraine, which has already begun to split up. With Russia as a state planned to end forever, Russians would turn into powerless slaves who would work for beggarly wages for Western corporations, primarily American, German and British,” said Balik.

According to the Czech expert, the question of the liquidation of Russia both during the First and the Second World Wars was linked to the raw material wealth of the country.

“It doesn’t matter what the regime in Russia is. The West has always wanted to destroy Russia as a state. Such plans were made even after the First World War when the Entente supported the ‘white generals’, who were to be manipulated in becoming an instrument for the liquidation of Russia. The second time, Hitler tried to do this, who without the help of the West would not have risen in such a way and would not have obtained the kind of army he had. Hitler’s attempt also failed, and it cost the lives of nearly 27 million Soviet citizens. Today we are brainwashed, distorting the history of Russia. It was always presented as an aggressor. And any sympathy from the West was caused only by Yeltsin’s suicidal policies. Putin’s patriotic policies are denounced as aggressive, allegedly threatening Europe and the whole world,” says Stanislav Balik.

We should add that the words of the Czech military analyst about the “ten state formations” instead of Russia are interrelated with the revelations of the ex-deputy head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Andrei Fyodorov, who in an interview to the Finnish Helsingin Sanomat told about the list of potential new regions of the newly-created Russian Federation in the early 1990s. Along with “lost Karelia”, the list included the Kuril Islands, the Pytalovsky district of the Pskov region, the Kaliningrad region, the Crimea and the Amur river border area with China.


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