DPR gunner kidnapped by Kiev security – may know the answer to the tragedy of flight MH17

translated by Kristina Rus

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Ukrainian spetsnaz kidnapped retired DPR anti-aircraft gunner out of his home in Snezhniy. He may be used in a MH17 case

At the end of June, the Ukrainian intelligence conducted a secret special operation on arrest and kidnapping from the territory of the “DPR” of the former commander of the air defense unit in the town of Snezhnoye Vladimir Tsemakh. This kidnapping may be connected to the tragedy of flight MH17 in Donbass in 2014. – Kristina Rus

KIEV – Jul 5, 2019  – On June 28, on the day of the Constitution of Ukraine, he was brought to Kiev, and on June 29, the Shevchenko District Court of Kiev decided to arrest him for two months, the date of the appeal has not yet been set,” said the detainee’s lawyer Roman Gontarev.

The defender refused to discuss other details of the case, citing the secret of the investigation. Vladimir Tsemakh’s daughter, Maria, said that his wife, who returned home from work on June 27 found traces of blood and struggle.

The next day, his relatives tried to organize a search for the missing person, and by the evening of June 28 they received a letter from a lawyer from Kiev that the court would consider the question of Tsemakh’s arrest the next day.

The detainee was charged under Part 1 of Article 258-3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – “Creating a terrorist group or a terrorist organization.”

If Tsemakh’s guilt is proven, he faces eight to fifteen years in prison.

The Ukrainian spetsnaz conducted an operation to arrest Tsemakh deep in the rear of the contact line.

Snezhnoye is located 20 km from the border with Russia, the nearest point on the contact line is about 45 km from the city, to the nearest Mayorsk checkpoint, through which the line of contact crosses, altogether more than 80 km.

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“What is the point of kidnapping from the deep rear? From the words of a lawyer, we know that the SBU officers did this and that they took him avoiding the checkpoints directly through the line of demarcation,” said the detainee’s daughter.

Maria Tsemakh connects the detention of her father with the fact that in 2014 “he was the commander of air defense” in Snezhniy.

“They will now try to hang the Boeing on him. But he was listed as commander of the air defenses since October 2014, he was just the onе such specialist,” she assures. “When the plane was shot down, he was not a key figure – an ordinary military man, just stood at a roadblock. He went to fight like all supporters of a peaceful life in our land. ”

The detainee’s daughter suggests that the Ukrainian intelligence knew that her father headed the air defense system in Snezhniy in 2014, but they did not know that he, as Maria Tsemakh says, had nothing to do with the anti-aircraft gunners in July, when the MH 17 flight was shot down.

In March 2015, Tsemakh was dismissed and sent for registration to the Donetsk military commissariat. In March 2017 he was appointed “deputy commander of the battalion of military unit 08819”, but soon he was early retired due to age. On July 4, Tsemakhturned 58 years old.

Tsemakh’s daughter says that they discussed the tragedy of MH-17 with their father: “He said that everything happened very strange. They discussed the angle at which it fell, for how long. The guys said that the situation is very complicated.”

At the same time, according to Marina Tsemakh, her father never feared of any interest from the Ukrainian intelligence might arise in connection with the Boeing. After participating in hostilities, her father, a veteran of the Afghan war, returned to a peaceful life, she says. According to her, Tsemakh worked as a physical education teacher in the city technical school.

The operation was carried out a week after the International Investigation Team for the first time officially named the names of four people suspected of involvement of the downing of the Boeing.

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