EXPERT: Putin Wants a New Yalta – U.S-Russia detente would threaten Poland’s status

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The Polish journalist Jacek Przybylski said in his new article,” Putin wants a new Yalta”, that the US, as a pragmatic country, can negotiate with Russia and deprive Poland of its security buffer zone, which Ukraine and Belarus traditionally served for it.

In the article “ Putin wants a new Yalta, ” Przybylsky predicts that “detente on the West-Russia line is quite possible,” because Americans today prefer to focus on confrontation with other enemies, for example, China and Iran.

“Warsaw leadership should remember that although America loves democracy, it is a very pragmatic country. It most likely will not sell us to Russia, but in the framework of the “Yalta Agreement 2.0” it can deprive Poland of the buffer zone that Ukraine and Belarus traditionally served for it, ” writes the author of the publication Do Rzeczy.

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Jacek Przybylski believes that “the West, judging by everything, is ready to re-divide spheres of influence (with Russia).” In confirmation of his theory, the journalist quotes fragments of a 150-page report prepared by the order of the Pentagon for the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff. The authors of the document state that Moscow “has the moral right to control the territory of Eastern Europe.”

Jacek Przybylski worked for about ten years in the newspaper Rzeczpospolita, traveling on missions to Iraq, Afghanistan, Chad, Israel. He was also a correspondent in Washington.

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