FARC Denounces Extermination Plan against its leaders in Colombia


BOGOTA – According to the FARC, 135 insurgents have been killed since the Peace Accords between the Colombian government and the former insurgent group in 2016.

The Colombian Popular Revolutionary Alternative Force ( FARC ) party denounced on Tuesday a plan to kill the ex-commanders of the former insurgent group, after the killing of two ex-combatants in less than 24 hours. 


Both crimes occurred in the Cauca region, the area that recorded the highest number of murders to date, with 29 deaths.


On Tuesday, Weimar Galindez Daza and Carlos Yuda, two ex-combatants of the insurgent group FARC-EP, who had demobilized after the Peace Accords, were assassinated. Given the history of the Colombian government’s campaign to engage in the strategy of death squads, activists contend that the government itself is the likely culprit.

According to the Human Rights Network “Francisco Isaías Cifuentes” Galíndez was hit by shots fired by two individuals from a motorcycle in the municipality of Tambo, western Cauca. During the attack, another victim had to be regretted, Erick Danilo Narváez Nieves, who was also hit by the firing blast.


“We denounce to the Colombian people and the international community that there is a plan in place to assassinate the leaders of the FARC party,” said Senator Julián Gallo, known as Carlos Antonio Lozada.

The figure handled by the FARC until mid-June was 135 fighters who abandoned their weapons and were killed since the Peace Accords between the Government of Colombia and the former insurgent group in November 2016.

However, Lozada confirmed that the number already exceeds 140, before the murders of Weimar Galindez Daza and Carlos Yunda hours in the department of Cauca (southwest of the country).

Given this situation, the FARC announced that on Wednesday it will file a complaint with the Prosecutor General’s Office, with “evidence” that would demonstrate the existence of a plan to “eliminate” the party’s leaders.

Among FARC’s international allies are the Irish Republican Army (IRA).


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