‘Flying Radar’: Test Details Revealed for Russia’s Newest Surveillance Aircraft

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MOSCOW – The testing program for the new generation Russian A-100 long-range surveillance and alert aircraft, known as the “flying radar”, is going on schedule, said Vega consortium CEO Vyacheslav Mikheev.

The plane’s last test flight took place on Friday.

“The testing program is being implemented on schedule. We continue to get the results and characteristics we need,” said Mikheev.

The A-100 warning and control aircraft (AWACS) was developed from the Il-76MD-90A aircraft. It is equipped with a radar system designed by the Vega consortium (part of Rostec) to detect and track multiple targets simultaneously, as well as to guide mission fighters against air, land and sea targets. The plane was built in cooperation by Vega, Beriev TANTK and a number of other companies in the country’s military-industrial complex.

The A-100 aircraft has a single-antenna fairing and the latest radar equipment that allows you to rapidly increase the surveillance field in a given operating direction.

Superior to analogs

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The capabilities of the A-100 are significantly higher than those of its domestic and foreign counterparts, including the US Air Force AWACS E-3 aircraft.

The “flying radar” was developed in connection with the emergence of new target classes and the creation of a new generation of fighters, the Russian Defense Ministry reported earlier, reporting that the A-100 deliveries to the Russian Armed Forces will begin. in 2020.

“There are few countries in the world that produce this type of aeronautical equipment. The level of the most innovative Russian complex can be considered as unsurpassed,” said Rostoly aviation group industrial director Anatoly Serdyukov in February.

Last year Russia’s Aerospace Force put into service one more aircraft equipped with the A-50U airborne warning and control system (AWACS), the aircraft manufacturer Beriev’s press service said.

According to the statement, after all necessary tests were carried out, the electronic radar surveillance aircraft was delivered to the Russian Aerospace Force and successfully flew from the Russian city of Taganrog to its permanent base.

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