Gaslighting: Pompeo proposes new Anti-Iran sanctions as punishment for U.S breaking agreement


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo responded to the statement by Iranian authorities regarding the restart of uranium enrichment above 3.67% , as announced on July 7 by Abbas Arakchi, who is the Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran and the main negotiator for the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan (JCPOA) on the nuclear program. According to Pompeo, Washington will introduce new sanctions against Iran, despite Washington having been the party to cancel the deal, and increase its isolation.

“The Iranian nuclear weapon regime will pose an even greater danger to the world,” the US secretary of state wrote on Twitter, threatening to respond to Iran’s “expansion of its nuclear program” with new sanctions and further “isolation.”

According to Pompeo, it is necessary to return the “total ban on uranium enrichment” by Iran.

Abbas Arakchi said recently that the beginning of uranium enrichment was the second stage of reduction of Iran’s obligations under the FIDD, and now it will occur every 60 days, if its participants do not adhere to the agreements reached. Arakchi also noted that although “the doors for diplomacy are still open,” new initiatives are needed to resolve this situation.

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Recall that these actions on the Iranian side were the direct result of a unilateral US withdrawal from the FDP. Further, Iran did not proceed with returning to the pre-agreement norms for an entire year after the US withdrew. This means that Iran unilaterally adhere to the terms of the agreement despite the US breaking its terms. During that year, Iran maintained the terms of the agreement and urged Washington to do as well. 

Israel had been the primary party in the region urging the US to break the deal – in a strange turn wherein Netanyahu claims he has concerns about Iran’s ability to build a nuclear bomb. But the JCPOA agreement itself was the only agreement binding all parties which limited Iran’s enrichment program. As a result, Israel can now claim that Iran poses a greater threat than before, as a result of Israel succeeding in pressuring the US to back out of the deal which limited Iran’s enrichment.

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