George Galloway powerfully explains the ‘weaponization’ of anti-Semiticism smears (VIDEO)


Well-known anti-Zionist Scottish former MP, George Galloway, has correctly called out critics of the Labor party of “weaponizing” the smear of anti-Semitism for its own agenda.

In a video on RT, George Galloway emphasized that while fighting real anti-Semitism is of critical importantance, “the weaponization of anti-Semitism against people not in the least guilty of it is equally a serious matter.”

Galloway has always been a target of the “anti-semetic” smear despite his long history of working closely with Jews and his admiration for Jews like Karl Marx and Dr. Norman Finkelstein, with the latter being a strong critic of the apartheid Zionist Entity known as Israel.

Only last month was Galloway fired from his radio job after celebrating the loss of Tottenham in the European football finals, a club that has strong support from North London’s Jewish community. He tweeted “no Israel flags on the [European] cup.”

He then correctly highlights that a smear campaign of incorrect allegations of anti-semitism against the Labour Party means that “the real anti-Semites can go about their evil, potentially fatal business unnoticed.”

He then explained that “the boy who cried wolf is a useful parable and we are so far down the rabbit hole now of the weaponization of anti-Semitism as a political issue that it has become not just unjust, not just immoral, but positively dangerous and dangerous to Jewish people themselves.”

Most importantly though is that he quoted former Israeli minister Shulamit Aloni, who openly admitted that the Zionist Entity abuses the allegation and smear of anti-Semitism to distract and discredit critics of Israel.

“The smearing of supporters of Palestinian rights, the smearing of opponents of Israeli policies and practices as anti-Semitism is a weapon of war, it’s a mechanized, industrialized weapon of war and it’s time to say, ‘This far and no further,'” he said.

Galloway has consistently defended Palestine, so much so, he openly defends the Hezbollah resistance group in their struggle against Zionist expanionism and occupation of Palestine.

This is in conjuction to Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party, and who has also been a consistent and harsh critic of Israel and a supporter for Palestinian independence. In 2009, Corbyn called Hezbollah and Hamas as his friends, to reemphasize his support for the Palestinian cause. Ever since 2015 when he became the leader of the Labour Party, he has had to defend himself against claims of anti-semiticism, with his critics unable to differentiate between criticism of Judaism or Jewishness, with criticisms of Israel.

See the powerful video here below!

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