Half the forces of the U.S Navy now at sea: a show of force or prelude to war?


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By mid-July 2019, four attack air groups set off from the US ports. Two air groups went into the Atlantic Ocean from a naval base on the east coast of the United States. Two – from the naval base on the west coast of the United States. At the same time, in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, respectively, they took to the sea in the same amphibious group with marines on board.

Thus, at the same time, there are only six carrier-assault groups deployed in the sea at the same time, taking into account the two deployed in forward basing. A similar configuration of the US Navy strike forces can be taken either as a demonstration of power and pressure on US opponents – especially Iran, or even the beginning of deployment of forces for a military campaign. But this is only if the carrier group will move further into the ocean, and not return to base. According to previous US military campaigns, the American formula for war is known – these are five carrier groups that simultaneously deployed in one theater of military operations. The carrier groups that have now sailed into the sea will need 20-30 days to reach the Persian Gulf.

Currently, five aircraft carriers remain at US naval bases in the United States – four in Norfolk on the Atlantic coast and one in the Pacific at Kitsap-Bremerton, Washington. Of the nine amphibious groups in the ports, four remain: three on the Pacific coast in the port of San Diego and one on the Atlantic in Port Mayport, Florida. One, the LHD-3 Kirsarg, has just returned from the Middle East to the Norfolk base, Virginia.

Thus, it can be argued that about half the shock forces of the American fleet are now in the sea. This is a very impressive demonstration of power.

On July 5, the carrier-based strike group with the aircraft carrier Harry Truman (USS Harry S. Truman, CVN-75) left its home base at the Norfolk naval base (Virginia). In addition to the aircraft carrier, ships embarked in the sea: four URO destroyers of the Arly Burk type (DDG-51, 84, 98, 99) and one Normandia cruiser (CG-60). Due to malfunctions, Normandy was forced to return to the home port for several days in order to return to its group again at sea.

According to media reports, the purpose of the “Truman” campaign is training exercises before the advanced deployment, which will follow at the end of this year. Monthly exercises will take the operation of air war, to detect and respond to surface and underwater threats, electronic warfare and much more. The Truman Air Group operates as part of the newly restored US Navy Second Fleet. According to US media reports, the air group maintains a level of readiness that allows it to be deployed immediately and “where it will be necessary”.

The aircraft carrier Dwight Eisenhower (USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, CVN-69) is also located in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. According to official information, Eisenhower is busy “testing the qualifications of the main phase of the Optimized Fleet Response Plan”.

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Also, an amphibious assault group with the Bataan UDC (USS Bataan, LHD-5) led by marines aboard arrived from the Norfolk Base (Virginia) into the Atlantic Ocean.

At the same time, carrier strike groups with the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt (USS Theodore Roosevelt, CVN-71) and Chester Nimitz (USS Nimitz, CVN-68), as well as the amphibious landing ship America (USS America , LHA-6). The aircraft carriers Roosevelt, Nimitz and UDC America are based on San Diego, California.

The Roosevelt aircraft carrier group consists of three destroyers of the URO-type “Arly Burk” (DDG-59, 100, 113). On the composition of the group “Nimitz” no information in open sources. It can be assumed that the Nimitz aircraft carrier was accompanied by destroyers of the URO-type “Arly Burk” from the 23rd destroyer squadron (DDG-83, 91, 111).

According to the American media, the aircraft carriers “Roosevelt”, “Nimitz” and UDC “America” ​​are engaged in “training.”

In addition to the listed forces, an advance carrier group with the Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier (USS Ronald Reagan, CVN-76) and an expedition assault group with the Uosp universal landing ship (USS Wasp, LHD-1). Near the shores of Australia in the Coral Sea, these compounds participate in the Talisman Saber 2019 (TS 19) bilateral US-Australian exercises.

In addition, in the advanced deployment in the Central Command as part of the Fifth Fleet of the US Navy, there is an aircraft carrier strike group with the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln (USS Abraham Lincoln, CVN-72) and an amphibious group with UDC Boxer (USS Boxer, LHD -four). In the region of the Arabian Sea and the Strait of Hormuz, these two groups demonstrate a confrontation with Iran. “Boxer” on Thursday morning in the local time when entering the Strait of Hormuz, according to the Pentagon, shot down an Iranian drone .

On July 9, General Joseph Dunford , chairman of the United Command of the Marine Corps, stated that the United States “is now working with a number of countries to find out if they can create a coalition that would ensure freedom of navigation in both the Strait of Hormuz and the Bab al-Mandeb Strait.” According to the latest reports, the Spanish frigate Mendez Nunez with the Aegis system on board operates in the American compound Abraham Lincoln.
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