Head of Italian Communist Party tees off on support for fascists in Ukraine

"She criticizes the fascists but in Ukraine she supports the government they fight for"

L-R: Mrco Rizzo,Laura Boldrini, overt Ukrainian fascists
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La Riscossa

Rizzo (PC) attacks Laura Boldrini: “She criticizes the fascists but in Ukraine she supports the government they fight for”

Lately there is news of a real arsenal in the possession of neo-fascist groups in different cities of Northern Italy. Among the weapons of war found were assault rifles, machine guns, ammunition and weapons of many other types, including an air-to-air missile.
Several right-wing extremists found in possession of these weapons had taken part in the Donbass war in eastern Ukraine, in the ranks of nationalist groups fighting in support of the Kiev government against local rebels [1].The political exponents had an Immediate position and among the various positions, the pathetic one is that of Matteo Salvini, who affirms that the organization of the extreme right was planning an attack against him, and then there was that of Laura Boldrini, who expressed herself through her Twitter account. [Laura Boldrini was President of the Chamber of Deputies 2013-2018 – Tr]

“A seizure with few precedents for the level of weapons and their violent potential, said the prosecutor in Turin
In the arsenal, automatic weapons and an air-to-air missile.

Mafia? Camorro? Islamic fundamentalists? Ndrangheta?

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No. Fascists.

Against the claims of Boldrini thundered Marco Rizzo, general secretary of the Communist Party, in referring to the meeting that took place on June 5, 2017 between Boldrini herself and Andrij Parubij, president of the Ukrainian parliament and founder of the extreme right movement Svoboda [2]:
“Laura Boldrini is outraged by the discovery in Italy of an arsenal owned by a group of neo-fascists. Well.
It is a pity that the same group is fighting to support the troops of the Ukrainian coup government, which is also pro-fascist. She’s indignant, but just two years ago she met and welcomed, as President of the Chamber, the Ukrainian fascist Andrij Parubij, with whom she had spoken words in defense of the intervention of the EU and of the Ukrainian coup government, that the fascists were actually fighting for and that Boldrini today is so critical about.

Boldrini shouldn’t not dare talk anti-fascism. Anti-fascism is a serious thing, it deserves other representatives, and above all it must not be used for electoral purposes. Anti-fascism is closely linked to the interests of workers, even in Ukraine, where a putschist and fascist regime, also supported by Boldrini, outlaws communists and cancels the historical memory of the Resistance to the Nazis in that country. “[3]

There are several parties of the center-left in Italy (from PD to +Europe) in favor of the Ukrainian nationalist and anti-communist government, and this regularly relates to the European Union, to which it looks with interest, having been born as a result of the coup d’etat of the Euromaidan, and with NATO in its strategy of expansion to the east.

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