Hero’s Welcome: Russian military police unit completes combat mission in Syria


Grozny, Chechenya, Russia – The military police personnel of Russia’s Southern Military District have returned to the North Caucasus Republic of Chechnya after successfully completing their combat mission in Syria, the District’s press office reported on Wednesday.

“A special ceremony was held on the territory of the motorized infantry unit stationed in the Chechen Republic to welcome back military police personnel returning from the Syrian Arab Republic,” the press office said in a statement.

The personnel of the military police battalion received departmental and state awards.

Overall, more than 300 service members of the Southern Military District have returned home after accomplishing special assignments in Syria. They were transported by Il-76 military transport planes to an airfield in North Ossetia, the press office specified.

The bulk of the personnel during the operations have been Chechens. Their contribution to the successful establishment of the De-escalation Zones across Syria is immeasurable.

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This military police unit was on rotation duty from May this year and it guarded vital facilities of the Russian grouping of forces in Syria, provided for law and order and the security of civilians in the liberated communities and also organized escorts of humanitarian convoys and their security.

However, they weren’t only limited to these tasks. Protection of Russian sappers was of utmost importance, given the fact that these people were instrumental in removing hundreds of thousands of mines, IEDs (improvised explosive devices) and various types of booby traps placed by ISIS and other “moderate” head-chopping terrorists all across Syria’s residential areas.

This, in turn, contributed to the return of refugees and internally displaced to their homes, along with the possibility of finally starting the long-overdue reconstruction of devastated towns and cities all across Syria. It is estimated that more than a million people have returned to their homes recently, and given the fact that most of the Syrian security forces have been busy fighting ISIS and other terrorists, the presence of Russian military police has an immense contribution to finally bringing peace and stability.

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