Hope in the face of Defeat – U.S calls on Germany to deploy ground troops to Syria


WASHINGTON DC – Those in the US administration who do not want to see the effort in Syria come to a close, have come up with an original way to withdraw their troops from Syria – to replace them with troops of other NATO allies, in particular, Germany.

With the corresponding appeal to Berlin “to send ground troops to Syria”, the US special representative for Syria James Jeffrey spoke in an interview with Welt am Sonntag in an interview with Welt am Sonntag .

“We want the ground forces from Germany (in Syria – ed.) To partially replace our servicemen,” he said.

According to him, the Islamic State can be defeated with the help of Syrian forces, but the international presence is also important for providing aviation support, logistics and technical assistance.

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This general push lines up with US efforts to untangle itself from global conflicts, while not discouraging the valuation of particular firms in the stock market whose value in turn is predicated upon a successful  US empire. The involvement of Germany, even robust talk in this direction, can be enough to shore up some concerns, and at least delay the realization of defeat for some more months. It would also have the effect of drawing Germany into a conflict which, until now, it has only been involved at an arms length. Given that German civil society has born the brunt of the so-called ‘refugee crisis’ that has been the direct consequence of Ankara’s push to manipulate concessions from the EU, Germany would – at face value – have some nominal interest in bringing a swift resolution to the conflict.

Recall that it is precisely with the tasks indicated by Jeffrey that the SAR (Syrian Arab Republic) government army has been coping successfully for many years with the Russian Aerospace Forces, but Washington is trying not to notice this point-blank. In this case, Trump on December 19th last year announced the beginning of the withdrawal of its troops from the territory of the SAR. This was met with push-back from the rest of the establishment, including congressional Democrats whose constituency was believed to be less hawkish than their opponents – such is no longer the case. 

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