How can Russia and China deprive the US of its military rule?


BEIJING – China has published the White Paper on National Defense, highlighting Moscow’s role as Beijing’s strategic partner.

Several experts think that the political-military alliance of the two countries should take the lead not only in the Asia Pacific region, but in other regions of the planet.

The White Paper published by the State Council of China represents the Asian giant’s strategy for the coming years. A special role is assigned to Russia.

The events accompanying the publication of the White Paper confirm that military cooperation between Beijing and Moscow is gaining momentum.

Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said the Armed Forces of the two countries continue to strengthen their cooperation and will continue to improve military relations. Russian Prime Minister Dimitri Medvedev, in turn, signed a decree to hold talks on a new military cooperation agreement between the two countries.

In addition, on July 23, Russia and China conducted their first joint air patrol in the Asia Pacific region. On the same day, Chinese tanks arrived in the Moscow region to participate in the International Military Games.

At the same time, Moscow began supplying China with the second S-400 anti-aircraft systems regiment. Chinese destroyer Xian of the Chinese Navy arrived in St. Petersburg on July 24 to participate in the Naval Parade.

Guarantees of world peace and stability

Experts are confident that military cooperation between Moscow and Beijing is a guarantee that US- led NATO countries will not trigger large-scale military conflict.

“I am convinced that only three countries can wage modern wars: the US, Russia and China. By entering into a military agreement, two of these three countries deprive the US of dominance on the technical-military side,” said Committee Committee member Franz Klintsevich. of Defense and Security of the Council of the Russian Federation.

Russia and China should increase their presence and influence not only in the Asia Pacific region but also in other regions of the planet, said Andrei Kortunov, director-general of the Russian Council for International Affairs.

“Moscow and Beijing should anticipate Washington’s proposals for international patrols of the Strait of Hormuz, so that not only US ships control freedom of navigation, but also those of our countries,” said Kortunov emphasizing the favorable attitude of some Persian Gulf countries in this regard.

Close military-political cooperation

According to Alexei Maslov, director of the China Center for Strategic Studies at RUDN University, consulted by Russian daily Vzglyad, the White Paper clearly and clearly highlights China’s friendly stance towards Russia in military policy.

“Even when our countries were cooperating closely, and had already performed five [military] exercises, no strategic document from China recorded this cooperation. Now they have done so, and it is obvious that Russia and China are moving towards an alliance. even if it is not formalized, it will be present in China’s strategy,” said Maslov.

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