Indian fighter jets equipped with POWERFUL Russian-Indian BrahMos missiles

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NEW DELHI – The first two Indian Air Force (IAF) Su-30 fighters have already been retrofitted with BrahMos-A Russian-Indian missile systems, said Pravin Patak, the official representative of the BrahMos company, said.

On Friday, at the International Naval Defense Show in St. Petersburg, Pravin Patak revealed details of the rearmament of Indian fighters.

“The first two fighters have been retrofitted on an experimental basis with the latest BrahMos missile system and the remaining aircraft will be retrofitted in the coming years,” said Patak.

He said the next missile test would be held in August against a naval target. Patak recalled that the missile was recently tested successfully, having destroyed a ground target.

“If the launch is successful, the Su-30MKI fighters will be factory fitted with this weaponry,” Patak said. In 2018, the Indian Ministry of Defense signed a contract with BrahMos to equip up to 40 Su-30MKI fighters with BrahMos missile systems.

Meanwhile, earlier last month, India’s Foreign Ministry underlined that New Delhi does not intend to abandon its agreement with Moscow to buy S-400 air defense systems despite US threats.

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India is likely to pay Russia in euros for its weapons in order to avoid US sanctions, the Indian daily Economic Times reported, citing anonymous sources.

The sources claimed that while some payments have already been made “through transactions in rupees and rubles”, Moscow and New Delhi have signed an agreement according to which Russian bank VTB will receive payment in euros.

Recently, the US State Department has advised India to withdraw from the S-400 acquisition agreement, proposing to New Delhi similar American armaments.

In 2018, the US insisted that India give up the signing of the largest S-400 purchase agreement with Russia. The Indian Government, for its part, has repeatedly stressed that it considers unilateral restrictions to be unlawful and has refused to submit to Washington’s demands on the subject.

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