Kiev aggression against Donbass since Zelensky (part two of two)

The west will not quit, but will the stomach of Ukrainian people for the war last?

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Erwan Castel in Alawat blogspot
Translator note: I have divided this long essay in two, Part one, here, I call the war right now, today.
Here is Part two, The war, longer term assessment.
Summary: the West won’t quit: the limit will be the stomach of the Ukrainians for war.

The ball today is more than ever in the Kiev camp that initiated in 2014 this senseless war against the Russians of Donbass:

Either Zelensky keeps on zealously following the roadmap of the EU but especially of NATO which wants to militarize Ukraine by maintaining a conflict on the Russian flank, making Ukraine a sacrificial vassal in its war against Moscow;

Or he decides to break with the fantasies of the Maidan, withdraws from the occupied territories of Donbass and accepts its return, with Crimea, into the Russian Federation, as well as a strengthened federalization of the rest of Ukraine.

Because for Ukraine, there is no other way to peace than this one and that supposes to renew relations of friendship with Russia, of which Kiev is the original cradle, and with it to be able to free itself from the financial dependencies with the Westerners who were put in place the day after the Maidan, as one puts a choke chain on a dog waiting for his bowl?

He quotes a French translation of this well-known passage:

“It cannot be stressed enough that without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be an empire, but with Ukraine suborned and then subordinated, Russia automatically becomes an empire [95].”


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Zbigniew Brzeziński, Strategic Vision: America and the Crisis of Global Power
Unfortunately, I remain realistic and consider that this stabilization is not for tomorrow, as long as the Western States will keep right on clinging to the artificial excesses of this Ukraine, torn between the West and Eurasia, in order to serve their vampiric hegemony.

The war in Donbass is likely to continue, as in Syria, Yemen or other conflicts led by Anglo-American imperialism to strangle Russia and non-aligned countries. The international plutocracy is counting on its financial strength, its control of international bodies, and its armed omnipotence around the world to carry out this war of economic, military and political wear everywhere, of which Donbass is the cornerstone supporting its Russophobia which is endemic throughout Europe.

And it is not the economic collapse of globalism that will change the situation as some Utopians hope, on the contrary because war is precisely this ultimate option that the capitalist system uses every time it is wrecked to attempt to reset.

It must be understood that in his flight forward, the Western Octopus will never let go of its Ukrainian prey, and that Ukraine, for its part, will never be able to find the path of its identity alone, since it has been weakened since its independence by corruption and corrosion and alienated today towards the dictatorship of Western merchandise.

The Donbass, on the other hand, could serve as a point of support for independent and federalist forces to restore to this largest country in Europe its role as a link between the two European worlds.
Because this Western strategy, which relies only on financial and military figures forgetting the moral factor of the fight, finally risks in the near future to turn against its Ukrainian initiator, whose determination for the war, both of the combatants and the population, is not comparable with the republics of Donbass and their volunteers who are fighting for their freedom and their millennial traditions.

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