MAJOR: Iran begins further uranium enrichment in light of US-EU abandonment of JCPOA – unconfirmed source


TEHRAN – Iran has reported that it has fulfilled its promise and taken reserves of enriched uranium to exceed the 300 kilogram limit previously allowed by the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan (JCPOA). The US unilaterally backed out of the agreement formally over a year ago, and Europe – while nominally still in agreement – has not taken steps to implement the unwinding of the sanctions regime on its part. Fars news agency reported the exceeding the limit set by the 2015 nuclear deal today, on July 1, with reference to an unnamed informed source in the Iranian nuclear industry.

As this comes from an unnamed source, FRN will be attempting to confirm the above statement.

Earlier, officials in Tehran warned that the Islamic Republic would soon exceed the restrictions on the previously allowable level of enriched uranium reserves established as part of a nuclear deal with world powers, after the signatory countries did not comply with Iran’s requirements for protection against US sanctions.

As Tehran had fulfilled its enrichment limitations previously, but the US and EU failed to remove the sanctions in place, Tehran is within rights for its part to now return to its previously planned enrichment schedule.

Iran will continue to reduce its commitments on the system, in line with Iran’s position at the June 28 meeting of the joint commission in Vienna. This was stated by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran Abbas Araghchi.

“The decision to reduce our commitments was made by Iran and will continue. I will report to Tehran on the results of today’s meeting, which are far from our expectations, ” the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic told reporters in the Austrian capital.

According to Araghchi, the results of the last meeting can hardly be considered sufficient for Iran to change the decision to reduce its obligations under the nuclear deal.

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The Iranian Foreign Ministry previously indicated that, despite supporting Iran’s position at the declaration level, the rest of the countries ’signatories, Russia, China, Great Britain, France and Germany, did not take any action to really support Tehran in the context of the expansion of American sanctions against it. The Iranian media also quoted the deputy foreign minister of the country, Abbas Araghchi, who said that Iran had exhausted “strategic patience.”

Recall that Iran has begun work on the enrichment of uranium, increasing four times the volume of production of low-enriched nuclear fuel. It was clarified that we are talking about uranium with a degree of enrichment of up to 3.67%, which was established according to SAPD.

Within ten days of June 17th, Tehran was to exceed the volume of enriched uranium allowed for storage, which was installed by the UHFD, representative of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Behruz Kamalvandi said on June 17th. According to him, the Islamic Republic can further increase the degree of enrichment of uranium “depending on the needs of the country.” At the same time, the AEOI added that European signatory countries have even time to “help protect Iran from (American) sanctions, but they need to act, not speak.”

Iran officially stopped fulfilling certain obligations under the JCPOA from May 15th, notifying the parties remaining in the nuclear deal (Russia, China, the UK, France and Germany) about their decision. At the same time, Iran warned that if the signatory states of the JCPOA, primarily the European troika (Great Britain, France and Germany), do not take concrete steps in support of the Iranian economy within 60 days, Tehran will begin to enrich uranium at a higher level.

In accordance with the ICTD, Iran was allowed to produce low-enriched uranium with a limit of 300 kg, as well as heavy water with a limit of about 130 tons. Tehran was allowed to send surplus in excess of these levels to other countries for storage or sale.

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