MAJOR: IT WAS UKRAINE! U.S Election Interference – Putin accuses Poroshenko of meddling


MOSCOW – In an interview with Stone, Putin revealed that Uraine was trying to influence the elections in the US.

Petro Poroshenko lost elections in Ukraine in 2019, but three years earlier, in 2016, those representatives of the American political elite who stood behind him were defeated, said Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was part of the subject in a new exclusive interview with the famous American film director and producer Oliver Stone.

“ Hillary Clinton did not become the president of the United States, and the nonsense about Donald Trump’s ties with Russia was blown up to unbelievable proportions … Who really tried to influence the American elections was Ukraine,” the Russian president emphasized.

According to Channel One, the interview with the Russian leader has become part of the filming of Stone’s film “The Fight for Ukraine”, the premiere of which is scheduled for July 19 this year. It is noted at the same time that this documentary was awarded a special Grand Prix at the International Film Festival in the Italian city of Taormina.

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During the interview, the American director discussed with the Russian leader his attitude towards the policies pursued by the Ukrainian authorities in recent years, as well as the incident in the Kerch Strait. On the latter issue, Vladimir Putin expressed confidence in the implementation of a provocation specially planned by Petro Poroshenko in order to heighten tensions with Moscow.

“I believe Poroshenko wanted to introduce a special position throughout the country and postpone the elections. He wanted to hold onto power at all costs, ” Vladimir Putin said in an interview.

Putin’s revelation confirms the working hypothesis of the editorial board at FRN, in covering the Kerch Strait showdown last winter. The Russian president’s claims that Ukraine worked to undermine the U.S electoral process is evident in the fact that the original source of censorship in online media now being practiced in the U.S, is based upon a list made by the Ukrainian firm ‘Prop or Not’, in association with the Atlantic Council.

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