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TEL AVIV – July 9, 2019 – The head of state in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, made a radical statement, which went under the radar screen of most media. In a ceremony aimed at honoring IDF reserve units on July 2nd, he claimed that since Israel is a small country, the territory should be expanded when necessary.

“We are a small country. The more we have to defend ourselves, the more we have to take the war to the enemy’s territory, and expand our territory if needed.”

Netanyahu added, according to his official Twitter account that:

“The IDF is developing its capabilities and preparing for the various scenarios of a clash and outbreak of wars  on more than one front. We are trying to avoid war, but if it is imposed on us, all the IDF forces, whether regular or reserve, will stand up as sure as day, and be strong, cohesive, and determined to achieve victory. If there is a war where reservists have proved their ability to win a battle, it is the Yom Kippur War,”


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Netanyahu continued: “because of their joining with the regular forces, under unbearable initial conditions, it enabled the IDF to make a counterattack. The defense and the reserve army turned things around, as we waited less than three weeks on the outskirts of Cairo and Damascus.”

These statements mark a radical departure from the accepted norms and rules in play at the level of international law and diplomacy, and will guarantee that Israeli leaders are inarguably guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity, as laid out in the Geneva Conventions, and the UN.

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