MAJOR: Russia finally delivers first batch of S-400 to Turkey (VIDEO)


ANKARA – The Russian Ministry of Defense has published a video of the despatch of the first batch of components of the S-400 anti-aircraft defense systems for Turkey.

The images show how the S-400’s components are loaded onto the airplane. As previously reported, two Russian aircraft with the first batch of Russian system components landed at Murted Air Base in Ankara province.

Under an agreement reached in 2017, Russia will provide Turkey with four S-400 divisions for $2.5 billion, some of which will be paid by the customer and the other part at the Russian loan cost.

Worsening US relations

The purchase of the brand-new Russian S-400 air defense systems sparked international scandal between Turkey and the US, which demanded that the Turks abandon the purchase agreement for Russian systems, even offering their Patriot missile systems in return.

It is worth noting that Washington did not rule out the possibility of postponing or even canceling the sale of F-35 fighters to Ankara, which refused to make concessions.

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Superiority of the S-400

S-400 Triumph is designed to destroy aircraft , cruise missiles and ballistic and ground targets. With a range of 400 kilometers, the S-400 air defense systems are capable of reaching targets at 30 kilometers altitude.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters on Wednesday that Ankara will use Russia’s S-400 anti-aircraft defense systems in case of possible attack on Turkey.

“If somebody attacks us, we will use these missile systems, which is why we are making such an investment,” he said.

Erdogan also confirmed the willingness of Turkey to participate in the production of S-400 systems.

“As far as joint production is concerned, we do not have any problems with Russia. At the outset of our negotiations with President Putin, we have reached an agreement on the subject. I hope we will start joint production because there are no problems at the moment,” Erdogan said, referring to “various speculations” from those who want Turkey to abandon the S-400 agreement.

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