MAJOR: Russia Modernizing All of its T-90A Tanks


MOSCOW, Russia – All of Russia’s T-90A “Vladimir” main battle tanks are to be modernized to T-90M standard. A contract was signed between the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Uralvagonzavod Corporation at the annual “ArmyExpo-2019”.
Announced by the information service of the Rostec State Corporation, a contract was signed, which is one of the largest in the five-year history of holding this event. The contract was signed by Andrei Vernigor on behalf of the Russian Ministry of Defense, and by Deputy Director General Vyacheslav Halitov on behalf of the Uralvagonzavod Corporation. According to Mr. Halitov, this agreement will enable long-term contracts for the employees of Uralvagonzavod, as well as help further increase in the production and technological potential of the corporation.

During R&D efforts to modernize the basic T-90A to T-90M standard, engineers of the Uralvagonzavod Corporation focused on the combat experience gained in Syria, as well as on the general experience of the use of various Soviet/Russian armored combat tactics in many conflicts around the world.

Andrei Vernigor expressed his expectations that the contract implementation will meet the highest quality standards, as well as the set deadline. In line with current Modernization Program, the Russian Ministry of Defense has signed a large number of contracts with many Russian defense industry companies.

 “New equipment and weapons will allow for increased combat capabilities,” engineers at Rostec recounted.

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The first demonstration of the prospective T-90M MBT occurred in September last year. Engineers of Urlavagnozavod managed to substantially increase the tank’s combat effectiveness by integrating new and deeply modernized equipment on the most important parts of the tank. Thus, in many ways, T-90M is a completely new tank as it features a redesigned tank turret, a new automated all-weather, day and night fire control system, a new gun, and the new “Relict” modular reactive armor. In addition, the tank will be equipped with a very high-quality air conditioning system, which in the meantime will become mandatory equipment for new and modernized armored combat vehicles.

When it comes to the T-90M tank, perhaps the most important improvement over the basic T-90A version is its armored protection. According to some sources, T-90M weighs almost 50 tons. Thanks to the new 1130 horsepower engine, it can reach the speed of up to 70 mph. At the same time, this engine has proven to be quite cost-effective, while also giving the tank an excellent range of 350 miles. The tank will also be equipped with the new 2A82-1M 125mm smoothbore gun, the same gun currently found on the state-of-the-art T-14 Armata. As with previous generations of Soviet/Russian tank guns, this gun can also fire anti-tank missiles.

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