MAJOR: Russia warns of a new false flag chemical attack in Idlib by terrorist forces

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THE HAGUE, Netherlands – A false flag attack is being prepared with the use of chemical weapons in the Idlib disarray zone in Syria, the Russian ambassador told the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Alexandr Shulguin, said.

“The Syrians here and in New York say they know that they are importing chemical munitions, they know what countries, they name the names of those responsible for the next provocations, now in Idlib a chemical provocation is brewing,” said Shulguín.

The diplomat wondered what they would find if they sent the Fact Finding Mission (FFM) there.

“They will say that the culprits, as always, are the Syrians and the Russians are the ones who cover them up, they do not consider the alternative versions,” he replied.

“They repeat the same reason – the Syrians have hidden reserves of chemical weapons and take them when they need to use them. At the same time, nobody thinks of the military expediency of such use. It has already been observed that the talks on the use of chemical weapons only begin when the Syrian troops succeed, then, why would they use chemical weapons when they are already with one foot in Duma or elsewhere?” Shulguin questioned.

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He added that these statements are made to distract attention, blame others and start an international scandal.”

Back in May the Syrian government denounced information that was being fabricated on the alleged use of chlorine is aimed at delaying the advance of the Army in the fight against terrorists.

The United States said there were indications that the Syrian forces had carried out a chlorine attack in the province of Idlib, the main stronghold of terrorist groups.

“This is nothing more than a new attempt by the Western countries, which are subordinated to their master the United States, to reduce the pressure on their terrorist lackeys in Idlib and an evident attempt to stop the advance of the Army in those areas,” said the Syrian Foreign Ministry in a statement at the time.

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