MAJOR: Russian 5th generation Su-57 fighter launches serial production


MOSCOW – Serial production of the fifth-generation fighter, Su-57, has begun, according to the Russian aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi’s 80th anniversary brochure.

“The 5th generation multifunctional aeronautical complex has a high intellect in onboard equipment, stealth capability and great ability to intercept and destroy ground targets. In 2019, the company launched serial production and signed a long term contract with the Ministry of Defense to provide more than 70 aircraft, “according to the brochure.

Following Sukhoi’s statement regarding the start of serial production of the fifth-generation Su-57 fighters, the office of Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov commented on the agreement between the Ministry of Defense and Sukhoi.

“The Sukhoi company has now begun to fulfill its contractual obligations. As a result of the execution of the agreement, the Russian Ministry of Defense will receive the most advanced fifth generation multifunctional fighter, which will enhance the combat capabilities of the national Aerospace Force,” he said.

The Su-57 (formerly known as PAK FA) is a fifth generation Russian fighter. He took off for the first time in 2010. The combination of high maneuverability and supersonic speed, as well as a modern set of onboard equipment and stealth capability, give the Su-57 superiority over its competitors, according to its developers.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has signed a contract to purchase 76 Su-57 fighters at the 2019 Army exhibition. The first aircraft is due to be delivered to the Russian Aerospace Force in 2019.

Meanwhile, military expert Andrei Frolov said, in an interview with the Russian newspaper Izvestia, that the F-35 Lightning II 5th generation American fighter is an “iPhone” compared to the Russian Su-57.

The expert considers that the F-35 is more “digital” , which makes it vulnerable. In his opinion, the American fighter, by analogy with the smartphone, could become a useless toy or a pile of expensive hardware without a “constant connection to the Apple Store and regular updates.”

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