MAJOR: Syria files UNSC charges against Israel for ‘State Sponsored Terrorism’ after July 1st bombing kills 15


Syria accused Israel of “state terrorism” after an Israeli air strike on Monday night, July 1st, killed 15 people in the provinces of Homs and Damascus.

“The Israeli authorities are increasingly practicing state terrorism,” the SANA state news agency said in a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Syrian Arab Republic today, July 2.

“The latest disgusting Israeli aggression is in the framework of the continuing attempts by Israel to prolong the crisis in Syria,” added the Syrian foreign ministry.

According to foreign monitoring organizations, as a result of Israeli air strikes in the Damascus region and in the province of Homs, nine military and six civilians, including three children, were killed.

The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs filed charges with the UN Security Council regarding an air attack, calling on the Security Council of the world organization to bring Israel to justice.

Israeli aircraft launched missiles on the positions of the Syrian army in the central province in Homs and on the outskirts of Damascus. The Israeli Air Force carried out launches from the airspace of Lebanon, the Syrian air defense forces were able to shoot down some 60% of the missiles according to FRN’s sources, in news published on the day of the attack.

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Israel’s attacks are an indication that it failed to reach an agreement with Russia on the status of Iran, and therefore carried out actions commensurate with its implicit threats, which it has in this event where its diplomatic appeals had failed.

Israeli media reported that the attacks on Syria were in response to Syria’s S-300 systems, from Russia, going operational.

Since 2011, Israel has delivered hundreds of strikes against Syria, most of which it claims were directed against Iran-supported Lebanese Hezbollah movement groups. In recent months, Israeli aviation claims it has launched attacks directly against the Iranian military presence in Syria.

Israel was previously found to be providing logistical, medical, and supply-line support for terrorist groups operating in Syria.

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