MAJOR: Tripoli Awaits a Decisive Battle at ANY MOMENT

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The battle ahead will end a long-standing state of suffering and open the way to a political solution that would not have been under the rule of militias, the proliferation of weapons and the dominance of the slogans of exclusion promoted by political Islam and its instruments.

July 18, 2019

All eyes are on the west of Libya as the countdown begins for what field experts describe as the culmination of the flood of dignity launched by the National Army on April 4, which saw the first arrival of the Libyan armed forces since 2011 on the outskirts of the capital, with the aim of extending the authority of the state and the elimination of the rule of militias allied with terrorist groups under the cover of the axis of political Islam on behalf of the Government of Reconciliation.

Today in western Libya, more than 20,000 fighters and thousands of armed forces are deployed, elite forces and capabilities added to the air force, with an unprecedented array of heavy weapons, which means relying on a fire intensity that the army did not want to deploy during the battles fought over the past months. All this is due to a deep wound to the armed forces when the al-Wefaq government gunmen murdered dozens of wounded army soldiers in the Gharyan Hospital and members of the Rapid Support Force of the Interior of the Interim Government were run over by vehicles, in a scene that exposed the character of the terrorist groups that control Tripoli,  supported from Qatar, Turkey and the internationally active Brotherhood axis, as well as warlords and thieves of public money who do not want a wealthy country like Libya to be freed from the grip of terrorism and corruption.

The battle for the liberation of Tripoli, or the second wave of the flood of dignity, is the starting point for a new political process in the country, beginning with the formation of a government of national unity that enjoys the confidence of the elected parliament, and is expected to oversee the ordering of the internal house by forming a committee to draft a new constitution. All this will be achieved  in the context of national reconciliation, from which only those involved in war crimes, conspiracy against the State, the practice or advocacy of terrorism and the theft of public money will be excluded.

It is natural for the army to have a role in securing the transition and in rebuilding institutions, which will later lead to the consolidation of the civil state, while the separatist projects adopted by the Presidential Council and led by Brotherhood leaders will have no place in the future of the country. History, especially over the past eight years, will be the immunity that protects the unity of Libya, and will push towards bypassing the tunnel with the hope of turning the country into a regional economic power, with its wealth, location, space and cultural peculiarities, most of which is still undiscovered by the world.

The battle for the liberation of Tripoli, which finds great support at home, is now understood by most of the world’s forces, which was bitterly described by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Al-Wefaq (GoA), Mohammed Al-Sayala, when he stated that most of the Security Council countries, except Britain, support the army.  The same applies to the Arab League, where the Government of Accord found only three countries on its side, Qatar, Algeria and  Tunisia, whose position seem ambiguous, although some want it to submit to the vision of the Brotherhood,  and to the Algerian position, as well as to the Tunisian elite.

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The statement of the six countries issued yesterday called for a de-escalation but provided indirect support to the Libyan armed forces by mentioning terrorist groups and internationally wanted criminals  fighting in the ranks of militias, and expressed support for the efforts of UN envoy Ghassan Salameh to establish a transitional government that represents all Libyans and organizes credible elections, as the General Command of the Armed Forces has called for.

The statement signed by France, Britain, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and Italy did not mention the government of reconciliation (GoA) or the legitimacy of the Presidential Council, indicating the end of the Skhirat phase, and the beginning of a new phase in which the war will be resolved first, and then internal consensus, under the legitimacy of State institutions, not outside them.

The army is required to quickly resolve the battle, which is now imminent  in light of  great preparations and massive reinforcements, also as a result of its success in draining the bulk of the capabilities of the militias on the ground and their moral balance, having the primacy of control of the atmosphere, the speed in the situation will remove the embarrassment from the supporting States, and from the parties whose silence has been  indirect support for the military operation.

The battle that is expected to begin at any moment will be the largest of its kind in the country’s modern history, and will end for the capital, the western region and Libya as a whole, a state of long suffering, and will open the way to a political solution that would not have been possible under the rule of militias, the proliferation of weapons and the domination of the slogans of exclusion promoted by political Islam and its instruments. It will have a profound impact in the region, which is disputed by ambitions and cross-border projects, and therefore it is a battle that transcends the boundaries of geography to cast a shadow over its surroundings by what will be determined by its results, which can only be in the interest of the Libyan people, their  armed forces and  institutions that have been confiscated since 2011 by militias that do not believe in the integrity of the nation or the state’s institutions.

Al Arab translated by the Internationalist 360

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