MAJOR: VIDEO – New evidence of Ukrainian Nazi prisons emerge


Mariupol, occupied Donbass – Earlier, there were reports of Ukrainian Nazi battalions such as “Azov” and the “Right Sector” running Gestapo-style prisons. But even more convincing new evidence has emerged that the secret prison in the Mariupol airport, occupied Donbass, exists. RIA Novosti conducted a journalistic investigation. Ex-inmates and employees of the prison, which is unofficially called the Library, said that it belongs to the Azov Battalion and is sponsored by the SBU.

People were subjected to various forms of torture. Accused of random crimes, despite just being regular citizens, these people went through literal  Hell. Nobody has been held accountable for the crimes committed as Ukraine sees its openly Nazi battalions as “patriots”. Novorossiya (Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics) have been fighting these monsters for over 5 years and they’ve known this ever since. However, the so-called “international community” and their mainstream media refused to even discuss this, as it would show Ukraine, that “light of democracy shining in the authoritarian former USSR”, as nothing more than a puppet state run by a mix of Western-backed oligarchs and Nazi thugs.

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