Marshal Zhukov statue demolished by Nazis in Kharkov returns to its place

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KHARKOV – In the Ukrainian city of Kharkov, authorities restored the monument to Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov, which was torn down by vandals.

About this significant event for the city on its Facebook page reported Kharkov mayor Gennady Kernes, who earlier gave the townspeople a promise to restore the bust.

“As promised, today it h as been returned to its site,” he wrote.

In proof of his words, the mayor announced a photo of the restored monument.

Recall that on June 2nd, Ukrainian radicals from the “National Corps” (NK) demolished the bust of Marshal Georgy Zhukov in Kharkov. On the pedestal, where the bust had previously stood, “activists” set the national flag of Ukraine.

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To the credit of the city authorities, it is worth saying that they condemned this act of vandalism and did not follow the path of denying their past. Proof of this was the decision of the Kharkov City Council to return Zhukov one of the main avenues of the city.

At the same time, the reaction of Kiev to the demolition of the monument to Zhukov was completely ambiguous and vague.

A spokesman for the president of Ukraine, Yulia Mendel , expressing Vladimir Zelensky ’s position on this issue, saying that the situation regarding the demolition of the monument to Marshal Zhukov should be decided by the residents of Kharkov, and Russia should stop interfering in Ukraine’s internal affairs.

The decision by the city council and the mayor nevertheless demonstrates where the residents of Kharkov are in relation to Russia, history, and the present situation in the Donbass.

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