“Moderate rebels” rape & stone Armenian woman to death (video analysis)

Syriana Analysis


From Syriana Analysis: The Turkish-western backed “rebels” in Idlib have kidnapped, raped and stoned a Syrian Armenian woman by the name Suzan Der Kirkour to death.

Activist Janice Kortkamp writes:

I challenge my face to face friends – particularly Christians – who are so silent about my posts, to watch this. It’s only a few minutes long.

This Syrian lady, an Armenian Christian, was 60 years old when just about a week ago, al Qaeda took her from her town, raped her for nine hours, tortured her, and then stoned her to death. She was one of very few Christians who remained in Idlib province after the terrorist armies took control in 2015 (supported with weapons and intelligence by the US, UK and France) – she very bravely stayed in order to try to help people there. Before the US decided to bring “freedom and democracy” to Syria using headchopping mercenaries like al Qaeda fighters, Idlib was home to hundreds of thousands of Christians.

This atrocity has been verified by SOS Christians of the Orient, a group I know well and support enthusiastically. My friend Kevork Almassian, himself a Syrian Armenian, did this excellent report on the terrible tragedy. 90% of the Armenians of Syria, who had found safe haven from the Ottomans and their attempted genocide in the early 1900’s, have left because of the current terrorist-proxy war manufactured by the CIA and State Dept.
The US has been threatening Syria, Russia and Iran – and punishing them with cruel sanctions – for daring to battle al Qaeda in Idlib, Syria where the terrorist group is in control.

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