NATO LEAK – 150 Nuclear Bombs Secretly Being Deployed Along Russia’s Borders


60 MINUTES We’ll tell you a very simple and seemingly funny story today. About nuclear bombs. We learned that by accident. There was a leak from NATO that they deployed 150 nuclear bombs on Russian borders. This must not be against us. This is against somebody else. It’s by accident. We learned that from leaks from NATO.

– Vesti

Viewer Isaiah Cardenas comments: I speak to all of my comrades who lives in America for those who has ears then lesson what i have to say we want this nightmare to end we want America’s aggression to end we all want America’s puppet country to fall we must form a party to show theme what we are made out of we must form a party who wants to be friends with Russia and if the US government is against that then we will not give up if we must do a protest to demand to end this aggression that this imperialist country started we must do this with no violent may God help us make this a reality God bless Russia and the people of this great nation on earth


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