NO COMPROMISE: Taliban rejects any ceasefire until withdrawal of Western military forces

Afghan alleged former Taliban fighters carry their weapons before handing them over as part of a government peace and reconciliation process at a ceremony in Jalalabad on February 24, 2016. More than a dozen former Taliban fighters from Nazyan district of Nangarhar province handed over their weapons as part of a peace reconciliation program. AFP PHOTO / Noorullah Shirzada / AFP / Noorullah Shirzada (Photo credit should read NOORULLAH SHIRZADA/AFP/Getty Images)
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KABUL – The Taliban will discuss the cease-fire in Afghanistan only after the withdrawal of the Western coalition troops, primarily led by the United  States. This was stated by the representative of the Taliban,  Soheil Shahin.

A comment was made on the sidelines of the Doha Inter-Afghan meeting.

“We want foreign troops to leave Afghanistan, we want the Islamic system in the country with the representation of all Afghans, we want peace in the country and the participation of all Afghans in its reconstruction,” he said.

He also made it clear that the Taliban do not intend to discuss the possibility of a cease-fire until the fulfillment of their main demand – the cessation of a foreign military presence.

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Negotiations in Doha took place against the backdrop of an increase in Taliban activity last week, an attack in Kabul killed 6 people and caused another 116 injuries, and an explosion in Ghazni province killed 12 people, about 180 were injured. In each case, the Taliban claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The main result of the inter-Afghan meeting in Doha was the recognition by all parties of the thesis that life in Afghanistan should be held in accordance with the norms of Islam. This is enshrined in the “road map” of reconciliation approved by the participants of the meeting, including the Taliban.

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