North Korea’s Last Mistake: Will US Fool Kim Jong-un with False Friendship?


PYONGYANG – The meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un on June 30 in the Demilitarized Zone can be considered a historic event.

With this symbolic step Trump marked a new phase in relations between the two countries, however, the parties do not rush because there is still a certain level of mistrust.

According to the US leader, the speed of signing an agreement is not the priority because the parties want to see if they can make a really complete agreement. If the US is in no hurry with the denuclearization process, North Korea has even more reason not to do so.

There can be no complete denuclearization of North Korea before the presidential elections in the United States, the analyst of the Korean Academy of Sciences Evgeni Kim said in an interview.

“I would invite him right now to the White House,” US President Trump says after stepping into North Korea with Kim Jong Un.

The process will take place gradually and will begin with the dismantling of infrastructure related to the North Korean nuclear program , he added.

This condition – first the elections, then the denuclearization – is very important and means a lot for the survival of Kim’s government, stressed Kim Evgeni. There is a tangible possibility that someone else will come to the US president’s office and decide to break all agreements with Pyongyang, the same as now between Washington and Tehran.

“In this case, North Korea would do a ridiculous thing: it would run out of nuclear weapons and without agreement, Pyongyang will act with caution and wait for the next presidential election. Libya, who showed their weakness and were soon destroyed,” said Evgeni Kim.

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North Korea will certainly have security guarantees, but at the same time it is certain that complete denuclearization will not take place during Donald Trump’s current term, the expert emphasized. The success of the process also requires a change in the US position for the Korean peninsula and East Asia in general.

Trump’s well-thought-out strategy

Donald Trump can now say he was the first US president to have stepped into North Korea, and he can play that role in the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

In addition, it can be concluded that the recent meeting paved the way for the next summit between Kim and Trump. In this sense, it is evident that the Trump-Kim meeting was very fruitful for the North American side.

Trump’s decision to hold a meeting with Kim Jong-un soon after the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan, caught everyone off guard. Even, it seems, the very leader of North Korea. However, the Academy of Sciences specialist ensures that the meeting would have been planned in advance.

“Initially Trump had said he wanted to meet with Kim to say “hello” and nothing else. Their talk was scheduled to last for 15 minutes, but actually Trump and Kim spent 53 minutes talking, which is enough for a meeting between two leaders,” he said.

The leaders have agreed to set up negotiating groups that will start working on matters of concern to both Kim and Trump. They will begin to discuss these topics in order to bring the views of the two countries closer together.

Mr Trump said he would ease the sanctions, but will not override them at the moment.

China and Russia advocate the abolition of sanctions as Pyongyang gets rid of its nuclear arsenal.

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