OR ELSE? U.S. threatens Maduro to leave the Venezuelan presidency

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The United States has informed Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro that he has a short deadline to leave power with guarantees if he does not want to face international justice and further sanctions.

The announcement was made yesterday, July 23, to the Efe news agency by the White House official for Latin America, Mauricio Claver-Carone.

According to him, Maduro was informed indirectly, through a message sent to his close circle, that he has a much shorter than the end of the year period to leave the government of the country.

Shortly after this announcement, Maduro referred on social media to what he calls American provocations and said he will continue to fight against any form of “imperialist aggression.”

“We are a people who have been fighting for over two centuries against colonialism, slavery, racism and imperialist aggression in every way. We will never bow to aggression. We will overcome all difficulties and achieve prosperity. Our destiny is victory,” Maduro said on Twitter.

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For Claver-Carone, Maduro has two options: accept the guarantees being offered to give up power or face both international and US justice.

In May, Maduro proposed to the opposition to hold early parliamentary elections for the opposition-controlled parliament but is now virtually paralyzed, as legislative functions are exercised by the National Constituent Assembly.

The Venezuelan government is willing to have a permanent dialogue with the opposition following the results of the last round of negotiations in Barbados, said Maduro on Saturday.

In early July, Venezuelan authorities announced that the government and the opposition had agreed to maintain a permanent peace dialogue .

“Yesterday, the Venezuelan delegation returned from the second round of negotiations in Barbados … Our fundamental proposal is to create a permanent ‘table’ for dialogue with the Venezuelan opposition for peace and Venezuela,” Maduro said during a meeting with the Socialist Party. Kingdom of Venezuela (PSUV).

The parties have been holding talks in Barbados with a focus on economics, politics, culture and the social sphere. Maduro said he was optimistic about the outcome, while Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez called the talks “successful.”

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