Outdoing Goebbels: This German newsboy wants to demolish the Soviet monument in Prokhorovka


BERLIN – Jul 10, 2019 – A journalist of the influential German newspaper Welt, Sven Felix Kelleroff, called for the demolition of the Victory Monument on the legendary Prokhorovsky Field in Russia.

Yesterday, Kellerhoff, who heads the department of modern history at the Welt, published an article entitled “Victory of the Red Army, which in fact was a defeat”.

Sven Felix Kellerhof. Illustration: welt.de

“In fact, this monument should be demolished immediately,” writes the journalist “historian.” – Recent studies, based on undoubtedly real photographs, confirm that Prokhorovka had neither a Soviet victory nor a mass tank battle at all. In fact, more than 200 tanks of the 29th Soviet Corps conducted a kamikaze attack, crowding in front of a narrow bridge and becoming an ideal target for two battalions of the 2nd SS Panzer Corps. ”

The “real photos,” which Kellerhof refers to, were discovered by the British historian Ben Wheatley at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland. According to the journalist, we are talking about aerial photography of the battlefield under Prokhorovka, made by the Luftwaffe. The Welt editor claims that during the first day of the battle the Wehrmacht destroyed 235 Soviet tanks, and the losses of the fascists amounted to only five tanks. On this basis, he believes that the monument at Prokhorovka, “perpetuating the triumph of the Red Army in the great tank battle in World War II” (quoted by Kellerhoff), must be dismantled.

This displays a terrifying level of incompetence from the German colleague, who on the basis of one combat day, draws conclusions about the “defeat of the Red Army”. Let us turn to the professional historian, Chair of the Scientific Department of the Russian Military Historical Society Yury Nikiforov :

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“It seems that the main problem is that some authors, including historians, reduce the battle only to the counterattack of some forces of the 5th Guards Tank Army in the notorious“ tank field ”on July 12. It seems to me that this distorts the meaning of the events that took place and, moreover, it gives the groundwork for building a variety of “exposing” versions and interpretations. Hence the numerous speculations around the question of the success or failure of the actions of the Soviet troops and the like. ”

According to Nikiforov, the notorious landing of Anglo-American troops in Italy (as the German journalist Kelleroff advocates), and the transfer of Soviet troops to the counteroffensive forced them to stop the Nazi operation “Citadel” – including thanks to the courage and heroism of those who stopped the armored fist Wehrmacht near Prokhorovka.

Therefore, the monument on Prokhorovsky field is, first of all, a monument to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, who at the cost of their lives stopped the Hitlerite armada near Kursk. After all, as stated in the order of Hitler’s war criminal, “the successful completion of the Citadel offensive should free up forces to carry out subsequent tasks, especially mobile units,” and the planned victory at Kursk “should be a torch for the whole world.”

It is also worth noting that the German journalist “historian” Sven Kellerhoff has repeatedly whitewashed the criminal Third Reich. In particular, he is the author of a book where the thesis is “about the preventive attack of Nazi Germany against the USSR” in order to protect itself against a potential threat from the Soviet Union.

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