Pentagon responds to alleged attempt by Iranian Navy to detain British tanker

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WASHINGTON DC – The Pentagon made a statement regarding unconfirmed media reports that Iran’s navy had attempted to detain the British tanker Heritage, when moving from the Persian Gulf to the Strait of Hormuz. The statement included a point that the world economy depends on the free flow of trade.

The US Department of Defense stated that the threat to shipping in the Strait of Hormuz and other international waterways along the coast of Iran requires a response from the international community.

“The world economy depends on the free flow of trade, and all countries are obliged to protect and preserve this basis for global prosperity,” said spokesman for the US Central Command, Bill Urban .

Earlier, CNN, citing sources, reported that five armed Iranian ships in the Strait of Hormuz tried to stop a British tanker. It was accompanied by a frigate of the Royal Navy of Great Britain. The military demanded that Iran ignore the ship and even used demo aiming weapons. As a result, the tanker was given the opportunity to continue the journey. Iran, for its part, has not confirmed this story.

More sanctions?

US President Donald Trump promised to tighten sanctions against Iran in the near future.

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“Iran has long been secretly enriching (uranium), which is a gross violation of the $ 150 billion deal concluded by (former Secretary of State) John Kerry and the administration of (US President Barack ) Obama . Do not forget that the term of this transaction should have expired in a few years. Sanctions (against Iran) will soon be greatly strengthened! ”- told the world Trump.

US Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook saidearlierthat the head of the White House was satisfied with the campaign for exceptional pressure on Iran.

According to Hook, as a result of the US sanctions, “Iran’s defense budget fell by 27%.” In addition, the United States “deprived Iran of $ 50 billion a year,” which he received as income from oil exports.

The US special envoy is confident that “Iran is a country that supports terrorism, so Tehran should not be allowed to possess nuclear weapons”, therefore “final agreements with Iran should remove all the questions and challenges of Tehran related to its nuclear program and ballistic missile program” .

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