PIRACY! Iran REVEALS why the UK illegally seized its Oil Tanker at Gibraltar


TEHRAN, Jul. 11 (MNA) – Iranian first Vice-President Es’hagh Jahangiri said that the United States and the United Kingdom illegally seized the supertanker laden with Iran’s oil only after they realized Iran’s solutions for selling its oil.

This outright act of high-seas piracy can only take on the appearance of normalcy for the UK’s subjects, based on a lack of moral principle and high levels of chauvinism, fueled by a reactionary and jingoist press.


“US and UK’s measure to seize Iran’s oil tanker was in violation of international laws and this act will bring disgrace upon them. They realized that Iran has found solutions to sell its oil; so they went too far, and ignoring international law, produced a spark which will embroil themselves,” Jahangiri said while addressing the nationwide governors’ conference in Tehran on Thursday.

Gibraltar police and customs agencies, aided by a detachment of British Royal Marines, boarded and impounded supertanker Grace 1, carrying Iranian oil, in the Strait of Gibraltar on Thursday, upon a request from the United States.

Later that day, Iran’s Foreign Ministry summoned Britain’s ambassador to the country, Rob Macaire, to express its strong protest at the move. He was told that the British Royal Marines’ move was tantamount to “maritime piracy.”

London claims that the tanker had been carrying Iranian oil to Syria, which is under European Union’s sanctions but Iran says first, the tanker was not headed to Syria, and second, Iran is not a member an EU member and also not subject to any European oil embargo. Tehran has called for an immediate release of the oil tanker warning that the responsibility for consequences of this provocative acts falls on London. “I warn England that you are the initiator of insecurity in seas and you will later understand its repercussions,” President Rouhani said Wednesday.

Iran says US is behind the measure which tries to bring down Iranian oil sales to zero as part of its maximum pressure policy against the Islamic Republic. Iranian officials reiterate that this policy will not yield any result for Washington as Iranians are well familiar with the culture of resistance.

“We have sold our oil and oil sales are increasing by the day,” Jahangiri also highlighted in the same event.

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