Putin ignores insults against his deceased parents, refuses to impose sanctions on Georgia


MOSCOW – Russian President Vladimir Putin said he would not impose sanctions on Georgia out of respect for the Georgian people. He said that he would “not react to any external provocations by some scumbags.”

“Few people blurted out,” he told reporters during the summit on industrialization in Yekaterinburg.

“For the sake of restoring full-fledged relations, I would not undertake anything that would complicate our relations,” Putin added.

Insults on his Georgian TV channel he called “political derivatives”, based on the desire to undermine relations with Russia.

On July 9, the State Duma of Russia unanimously adopted a statement in which it recommended the government to consider the possibility of introducing restrictive measures against Georgia. It is a ban on the import of wines and water from Georgia and money transfers.

The issue of sanctions in the State Duma was raised after another Russophobic provocation was carried out by Georgian radicals, when “journalist” Georgy Gabunia on the Rustavi-2 television channel, began his program with a gag about President Vladimir Putin and his now deceased parents.

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