REALITY SINKS IN: US-puppet Bolsonaro realizes he NEEDS Russia and China

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BRASILIA – Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro for the first time since taking office in January 2019, spoke about his country’s vision for the BRICS group’s presidency and relations with Russia, underlines the Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

The future of BRICS

The question of the future of the BRICS block was raised quite sharply after the presidential elections in Brazil. In the first days after his victory, Jair Bolsonaro announced a new course for the US-oriented country.

Brazil was also the only BRICS country that recognized the legitimacy of the opposition leader Juan Guaidó as head of state in Venezuela after an attempted coup.

However, the new authorities are becoming convinced that BRICS, and especially its financial institutions, are an effective tool for the development of its own economy.

“I have a lot of deep conversations with my economic team about BRICS. And we will soon have more details,” Bolsonaro said in a media interview.

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Later, the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained that the preparation of the BRICS group summit, to be held in November 2019, is in full swing.

Given the differences between the countries of the bloc in a series of topics on the international agenda, cooperation within the BRICS is acquiring more pragmatic nuances. Countries cooperate in 30 different areas, from the fight against terrorism to cultural exchanges. By November, it is planned to hold a hundred meetings on a wide range of topics at all levels.

Cooperation with Russia

Jair Bolsonaro expressed his willingness to continue bilateral cooperation with Russia , which has been developing dynamically in recent years. Brazil is one of the largest suppliers of agricultural products to the Russian market. For its part, Russia is one of the main importers of mineral fertilizers for farmers and Brazilian farms. There are also joint projects in the field of energy, space, military equipment and nuclear energy.

“Brazil is open to economic cooperation, willing to negotiate and strengthen relations with everyone. We do not have the ideological background we used to have before, nor preferences of any country. We are open to trade with everyone, and Russia is welcome,” he said without a sense of irony considering his policies towards Cuba and Venezuela is guided by neoconservative ideology.

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