Rotten rations lead to a mutiny of Ukrainian troops

Leaders sell food and equipment, soldiers get the leftovers, and "bestial conditions" result

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We read in Riafan:
Ukrainian marines staged a revolt in the Donbass because of problems with clothing and food supply. This was announced by the deputy head of the People’s Militia of the DPR, Eduard Basurin. Alexei Zhuravko, former deputy of the Ukrainian Rada, has also commented on the situation.

According to Basurin, there is a tripartite investigation by the Security Service of Ukraine, the military service of law and order, and the military prosecutor’s office. They are investigating the reasons for “open disobedience to orders of the command, and appeals for non-compliance with orders by an organized group of 16 soldiers.” This is in the first battalion of the 36th Marine Brigade.

The instigator of the rebellion was the senior sailor Roman Bondarenko, who had been awarded at the beginning of the month for special successes in the conduct of hostilities against the republics of Donbass. The Marine called on his colleagues to disobey the orders of the command “until the provisions of the equipment and food supply are brought into line with the ones at the front lines,” said Basurin.

Zhuravko notes: “I get information from different military units stationed in the Donbass, Mariupol and other regions of Ukraine. And I can say that everywhere there are serious problems with the nutrition of servicemen, their gear, and their equipment. But what to say – the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have no place to wash themselves, because there is no hot and cold water. They live in bestial conditions.”
According to the ex-deputy of the Rada, because of corruption at all levels, the authorities of the Ukrainian military are being fed on spoiled food.

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“Have you seen photos and videos on social networks with a stew of worms? This is what they are actually giving to the Ukrainian military! And also cereals with worms, candies, etc., which is impossible and even dangerous.

“Can the soldiers, who are fed like that, defend their country? They can only go against unarmed civilians. And why this is going on is clear to everyone. Because the army leadership makes money on theft and resale. Sell everything you can and can not. Including food. And the warrior-punishers are left with what others do not buy,” the Ukrainian politician believes. According to Alexei Zhuravko, the situation in the Armed Forces of Ukraine will only deteriorate further:
“The “war party” was somehow financed by the Americans, and some of their money did reach the army. Now there is a big risk that Americans will not pay money to Zelensky. Consequently, the financing of the army will stop altogether. Then riots in the ranks of the APU will be many. The one about which Basurin spoke is only the first swallow,” the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada added.

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