Russia BANS flights from Georgia: Biden Institute predicts Georgia will be 100% owned by FSB agents

Follow-up to an apparent Maidan attempt. Biden Institute comes in for mockery


The director of Pennsylvania University’s Biden Center, expert on Georgia, having spent three days in country, may be accusing Russia of what the US is up to:

Carpenter: FSB will own Georgia
Carpenter tweet: FSB will own Georgia

As for the Biden Institute, FRN readers will recall that during Joe Biden’s vice presidency he was, in effect, the US Viceroy for Ukraine. As for the rioting, we are not alone in seeing an attempted Maidan parallel, encircling Russia being overt US policy.

The excuse for the riots in Tbilisi was the speech of Sergei Gavrilov, Communist Party MP of the Russian Duma, addressing the Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy (IAO), a body set up by the Greek parliament in 1993 to foster relationships between Christian Orthodox lawmakers. According to the BBC, “Opposition MPs in Georgia’s parliament called for protests in response to his decision to deliver a speech from the speaker’s seat. He addressed delegates in Russian, angering politicians and Georgians vehemently opposed to Moscow’s presence in the country.”
End, BBC quote.

Of course there is more than just the appearance of Gavrilov: Some who comment on the Carpenter tweet are expecting to see Vickie Nuland on site, handing out the famous cookies. (link below)

Meanwhile, VESTI has posted a youtube on the riots in Georgia with English subtitles:

For now, Russia is  forbidding inbound flights from Georgia. The news item addresses whether Georgia can assure the safety of Russian passengers and payment of air navigation fees:

Moscow, July 8. The ban on Georgian airlines flights to the Russian Federation will last until full repayment of the debt on air navigation services, Alexander Volkov, head of the press service of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation stated on the Russia-24 TV channel that “the suspension of flights will last until the provision of the program of aviation safety of the companies Georgian Airways and MyWay Airlines to the Russian side, is audited and approved by the Russian side.

And also until the full repayment by the Georgian side of the air navigation services debt,” Volkov explained.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has banned Russian airlines from flying into the country since July 8, after riots and protests began in Georgia. Later,

the Ministry of Transport of Russia announced the closure of flights in the Russian Federation to Georgian airlines.

Most experts believe that the United States may be involved in organizing riots in Georgia. Thus, the senior director of the Biden Center of the University of Pennsylvania, Michael Carpenter, said earlier that Tbilisi “one day they may wake up and find not 20%, but 100% of its territory occupied.” [This, of course, is what led me to search out and find the tweet above. — tr]

In addition, “Free Russia” funded by Washington  and the US Agency for International Development are operating in the country and leading anti-Russian activity.

Shalva Alaverdashvili, head of the Federation of Hotels and Restaurants of Georgia, informed that the Russians, after Moscow’s temporary restriction on direct flights to Georgia, had canceled 80% of their reservations in the Black Sea resorts of the republic.

End of news item.

Here is the first comment on Carpenter’s tweet:
Congrats, this is the stupidest take I’ve read on Georgia in a while. Beyond the fact that Russians are actual people who shockingly are not all secret police agents, are you offering to personally issue the subsidies to replace the millions of Russian tourist dollars?

For the tweet itself, and the entire string of comments, click.


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