Russia develops brand new portable electronic station that detects an enemy within 30km

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MOSCOW – July 10, 2019 – Russian holding company Roselektronika (which is part of the state-owned Rostec corporation) is exporting a portable electronic station capable of detecting radio emissions up to 30 kilometers away, Rostec’s press service said in an interview.

The station was first presented at the IX International Naval Exhibition held in St. Petersburg from July 10 to 14. As the press service indicates, the electronic monitoring device is designed to equip special operations military units and allows you to detect and locate sources of radio emissions from a distance of up to 30 km.

“The 1L65E station, developed by the Vektor Research Institute (part of Roselektronika), allows us to determine, in a combat situation, whether there is a radar (tactical, mobile or strategic) in the area of ​​operations and where it is located,” Rostec announced.

According to Sergei Skorykh, director general of the Vektor Research Institute, the station increases the survival capacity of special forces in all types of military operations by detecting the enemy’s electronic monitoring systems.

Potential station use

“The specifications and structure of the product can be tailored to the needs of individual customers. Thanks to this, the station has great potential in technical-military cooperation,” said Skorykh.

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The radar automatically analyzes the parameters of the radio emission sources, determines their types and maintains a database of up to 900 different types of signals.

The station weighs only 6 kilos and is resistant to falls, and can even be used by landing units. A set of three batteries ensures autonomous operation for one day.

Wide range of options

The station is able to detect sources of radio signals and record their parameters over a wide range of frequencies (from 0.15 GHz to 18.0 GHz) as well as determine its direction with a precision of 5 degrees.

An important feature of this station is the ability to combine three operational stations into a single information network, which allows for better coordinate determination of enemy signal sources.

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