Russia is upgrading DEVASTATING tank cannon on the T-14 Armata

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MOSCOW – Russia’s Uralvagonzavod tank company carries out the modernization of the T-14’s 125mm cannon created on the basis of the Armata universal platform.

The modernization of the 125-mm cannon from the T-14 tank, created on the basis of the Armata universal platform, aims to adapt it to new projectiles, read in the company’s annual report for last year.

“We fulfilled all the works that were planned for 2018 in the scope of research and project [of the platform] Armata for the modernization of the 125 mm 2A82-1M cannon,” said the published report.

In addition, within the modernization program the production of guns is being carried out to test the new types of projectiles.

The T-14 Armata, the only third-generation post-war tank in the world, will begin state testing this year. The tank is intended for close combat with the enemy, support for the offensive of mechanized infantry units, the neutralization of fortifications and enemy personnel sheltered or sheltered.

The size and technical characteristics of the T-14 main tank and the T-15 infantry combat vehicle have attracted a great deal of interest from the experts.

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Thus, for the first time, the tank weight T-14 – 55 tons was mentioned for a machine 10.8 meters long and 3.9 meters wide. It has an engine of 1,500 horses, autonomy of 500 kilometers and maximum speed of 75-80 kilometers per hour.

The great weight of Armata means that the design of new military vehicles has advanced and safe protection, military experts say.

The infantry combat vehicle has the same performance, although its purpose is different: it can carry a group of 12 military personnel, and its modification this year has an unmanned combat module. It has a 57mm automatic cannon, a 7.62mm double machine gun and Kornet anti-tank missiles.

In addition, the new armored MTU-2020 bridge launch vehicle was designed to facilitate the military maneuvers of the new machines . It has a load capacity of 60 tons, which fully supports the weight of the T-14 and T-15.

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