Russian “Burevestnik” cruise missile – a weapon of retribution

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MOSCOW, Russia – The “Burevestnik” cruise missile, equipped with a nuclear-powered engine is a retaliation weapon to be used by Russia after a possible nuclear attack on its territory, said military expert and editor-in-chief of the “Arsenal Otechestva” magazine, Aleksey Leonkov.

In an article for the “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” newspaper, Leonkov pointed out that the attack with “Burevestnik” cruise missiles would be carried out only after the nuclear warheads of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) were launched to and activated within the opponent’s territory.

“After our Strategic Missile Force responds to an attack, some less important military, and civilian infrastructure will definitely remain intact on the territory of the aggressor – reserve command posts, protected military bases, factories, power plants, and the likes. Such “remains” will allow the enemy to continue the war against Russia. At that very moment, a “weapon of retribution” will be needed, the author of the article clarified.

Leonkov explained that the atomic submarine “Poseidon” would attack the coastal areas, while “Burevestnik” missiles would cover the area within the continent.

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According to experts, it is suspected that the remaining systems of anti-air and anti-missile defense will be able to provide full defense after firing intercontinental ballistic missiles. At the same time, “Burevestnik” will be able to maneuver and circumvent the remaining zone with anti-missile defense systems.

“The ‘Burevestnik’ missiles will ultimately destroy all military and civilian infrastructure facilities in the aggressor country, leaving no chance of survival. How many ‘Burevestnik’ missiles will be needed for that, remains a secret,” the expert added.

At the end of June, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the 6 new Russian strategic weapons  he unveiled on 1 March 2018, namely, the “Avangard” hypersonic boost-glide vehicle, the “Kinzhal” hypersonic missile system, the “Peresvet” laser system, the “Sarmat” heavy intercontinental ballistic missile, the “Poseidon” underwater nuclear-powered drone and the “Burevestnik” unlimited-range nuclear-powered cruise missile will be accepted into service in the coming years.

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