Russian Communist and Nationalist legislators agree on more stringent policies against Russophobia


MOSCOW – According to participants of the parliamentary hearings today in Moscow, Russia must pursue a more stringent policy towards Georgia, because “peace-loving will not stop Georgian Russophobes”.

It is also noted that the West should ultimately have no question that Moscow will not tolerate the deployment of NATO nuclear weapons in Ukraine and in the Baltic States.

The head of the Communist Party, Gennady Zyuganov, firmly defended the interests of Russia.

“Indeed, if NATO appears near Kharkov, and the forces that are very influential in Ukraine want it, yes, 3-4 minutes [a rocket] can fly to the center of Moscow, and you will not even be able to put on a suit before making a decision.

Therefore, we should have officially declared to Europe and the Americans for a long time: We will not tolerate the deployment of nuclear missile forces either in the Baltic States or in Ukraine, this is a zone of our vital interests and we will defend it with all available means. Both Americans and Europe should know about this. Otherwise, we may be in a situation worse than in 1941, ” he said.

In turn, the leader of the nationalist Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, urged not to abandon the introduction of new sanctions against Georgia.

“Suppose with Georgia, we do not want to impose sanctions. Yes, they will be quiet for a while. In two years, they will beat us again and spit at us. We will again face the question of sanctions, again we will not introduce them. We need to know Georgia, I served there,” he said.

Zhirinovsky also reminded about Ukraine.

“We again have Ukraine hanging in the West already, but we created it ourselves, it was not there, it was Kiev Province, Zhytomyr, Kharkov, Odessa. We created Ukraine, gave it five times more size, with which it came, it came to us with 60 thousand Zaporizhzhya Cossacks, one Zaporozhye, this is the region, this is how they came to us. And what country gave them this much today? ”, he stressed.

Last night  netizens responded negatively to the vulgar and provocative promises of the head of the Georgian TV channel, which Putin diplomatically shrugged off. Meanwhile the public has called for sanctions against Georgia for their insults, which Putin has rejected.

On June 21st , Russian President Vladimir Putin  signed a decree banning flights from Georgia. This resulted from a trade issue of the Georgian travel authorities refusing to pay their share of costs. On the same day, protesters under the parliament building  issued an ultimatum to the authorities.

On June 25, LDPR leader  Zhirinovsky called for the termination of commercial ties with Georgia  and the imposition of powerful sanctions.

Yesterday it was reported that a massive action was  taking place in Georgia  demanding the resignation of the Speaker of Parliament. Later it became known that the police used  weapons and tear gas against the protesters.

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